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Here’s Why Gas Nades in Battlefield 1 Need to be Nerfed

by Chris Wang, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author

In a nutshell it’s because they are simply too ‘broken’.

Yes, that’s right. You heard me correctly there.

They are…too broken and too OP. And here’s why:

  1. Their area-of-effect is annoying to deal with:

So basically you run around and you run around and you run around until all of a sudden you see your screen turning all puke green or until you see the gas on your screen before you actually start seeing that distinctive green hue coming all over your vision that means that you’re already in its area of effect.

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The problem with this is that: (A) it’s really hard to tell when, where, and how far away you will be affected by the gas and thus how soon you have to put on the gas mask and (B) because of how deceptive this ‘range’ is it’s too easy to accidentally get killed by the gas all because you were a mere second too late with your gas mask.

Basically, these two problems linearly lead to one another. You’ll run around and play the game as normal until you are affected by the gas. At which point you attempt to put on a mask. If you are lucky and fast enough then you put on the mask soon enough to prevent a rather horrific death. If you aren’t able to put it on fast enough then you die.

Now right about now, many of you will be thinking to yourself how this is still all fine and dandy and that it isn’t really unfair nor does it make the game not fun to play.

Well both are still arguable at this point, but I will soon prove to you how the next points basically prove that they are indeed, OP!

  1. Disabling ‘aiming-down-the-sight’ is too unfair towards snipers/scouts and medics as well as being too unrealistic:

So let’s just get one thing straight here before we start.

Aiming down the sight should not be disabled when using a gas mask in game. It shouldn’t be disabled, because in real life it still would be totally possible to shoot ‘normally’ (normally being an easy way of describing ‘aiming-down-the-sight/marksmanship/actually shooting right’ for anyone who knows anything about guns and shooting in real life).

(Trust me, this guy will know…he’ll back me up on this one)

Think of it this way, when you go running you can run with either just a comfortable set of athletic gear/an athletic outfit on, or you can go running with extra weight on. Like the kind of weight that comes from body armor or having a huge backpack of all your survival gear and other equipment that a soldier would be carrying on him.

Even just the weight of a combat/military uniform alone would be noticeably different from say…Under Armour and/or gym shirts and shorts.

But guess what???


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I mean, seriously, it’s not like you just suddenly can’t run as soon as you put on a backpack or something like that right?

It’s not like you are suddenly forced to walk and only walk as soon as you put on that backpack. It’s not like the second that vest or body armor or combat uniform touches you that you instantly lose the ability to run.

Well it’s the same principle with shooting!

Basically, it’s the same thing that happens with guns and aiming down the sight in real life.

Sure, the backpack or the body armor might make running a little more difficult, more inconvenient, or slower. But, you still can run.

And, again, it’s the same thing with gas masks and shooting. Sure, the gas mask and other forms of ‘facial-wear/headgear’ may obstruct your vision a little bit or otherwise complicate the act of shooting and proper marksmanship, but they wouldn’t stop you from being able to do so altogether now.

You would still be able to bring the gun up to your face and aim as you normally would…otherwise just simply known as SHOOTING.

So that’s kind of the background on why this part is, at the very LEAST, a pretty unrealistic thing to implement in the game. And also why the inability to ‘aim-down-the-sight’ while wearing a gas mask in the game should be reversed based solely on that.

But there’s more to it!

The follow-up to this whole ‘can’t aim-down-the-sight is unrealistic’ argument is that disabling that ingame mechanic is extremely unfair towards the sniper/scout and medic classes!

(Unless you’re Chuck Phucking Norris of course!)

You anti-sniper ‘pros’ and ‘leet’ supports, assaults, and people who just generally run around mindlessly with an automatic weapon holding down the trigger spraying-and-praying from the hip can take 5 for now.

You’re obviously not going to concede anything that would make things fair for those 2 other classes no matter what and no matter how necessary such a change would be or how fair it would make the game.

But to the rest of us who like to listen to reason and aren’t all about making things unfair towards them let’s talk this out.

Now here’s how the gas nades in combination with the above make it particularly unfair towards those guys.

A gas mask canceling out the ability to aim down the sight is much more unfair to the sniper class than to the assault, support, and really even the medic class.

So snipers rely a lot on aiming down the sight. One can even go so far as to argue (and reasonably argue) that snipers basically depend on aiming down the sight. And that they basically shouldn’t be using hip fire at all unless the situation direly calls for it.

(Ya, don’t be like this guy…if you’re a sniper)

Even in ‘close-quarters’ scenarios when you see a sniper running around with an iron sights rifle they still rely much more on using an effective strategy of ‘aim-down-the-sight and lightning reflexes’ than other classes.

And this makes sense after all!

A ‘sniper’ is someone who’s supposed to be that guy who’s deadly accurate and dangerously precise with his shots. He embodies the saying of “1 shot, 1 kill”. He is a man who’s got the lightning reflexes of a snake, the speed of missile, and the perfect shooting skill that no one else can match.

Typically, what he’s supposed to look like and what he’s supposed to do is to bring up his rifle to his cheekbone and aim and shoot blindingly fast and nail that target dead-on.

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But then obviously you can see how eliminating the ability to aim down the sight would clearly and significantly nerf him and basically render him near-useless!

But that’s not all!

There’s even more…

…see when a guy with an automatic weapon spawns into the map. He knows that he has an advantage in terms of overall ability to put rounds down range.

Which is a complicated way of saying that he can just hold down the trigger and basically use the ‘paint-the-wall’ technique wherein he can rest comfortably knowing that he has statistics and probability on his side. He knows that, mathematically, he’s likely to land hits on his target just because of sheer number of rounds being fired at the guy.

Well, the sniper doesn’t have this ‘fallback’ so-to-speak (obviously), but the tradeoff here is that the sniper is going to get more damage in-game per round than Mr. Spray-and-Pray Noob.

(Ya…this is you right here noobs)

But here’s the thing!

That damage ‘advantage’ depends a lot on accurate fire, and accurate fire depends almost wholly on aiming down the sight.

Which means…

…that when you eliminate the ability to aim down the sight then you largely render that same counter-advantage that the sniper had to offset that unfair balance in the first place USELESS!!! And so now you have a tremendously unfair and, quite frankly, broken scenario in the game.

What this all boils down to is that a guy with an automatic weapon has a much bigger advantage when he’s shooting at the hip compared to a sniper shooting at the hip.

Because if ‘Captain ‘80s Movies Action Heroes Wannabe’ here misses his first shot (or really any for that matter) he doesn’t have to wait for that ‘rechambering’ action and can, instead, continue to shoot knowing full well that he has the time, in between the sniper’s shots, to put the sniper down.

(Oh and ughhhh…this is you, again, noobs)

Again, this is unfair because pretty much any skill-less noob can use this ‘tactic’ to their advantage.

That same skill-less noob can simply spam a bunch of gas nades all over the place. Charge in like a madman, and know full well that when he sees a sniper in that mist of death that the sniper will be punished far more harshly for missing that shot than he will.

In fact, the sniper will be punished even more severely than missing outside of a gas cloud/wearing a gas mask.

Long story, short…

  • The sniper depends more on aiming down the sight than others.
  • The sniper is punished more for missing than the other classes, because he has a bigger delay between shots than others due to ‘working the bolt’.
  • When the game devs made it so that putting on a gas mask disables the ability to aim down the sight this obviously made it that much harder on the snipers compared to the other classes since that sniper needs the ability to aim down the sight more than others.
  • Players with automatic weapons can use that cheap trick where they spam a bunch of gas nades into an area with snipers and then charge in knowing that they can spray and pray from the hip, and that the sniper’s ‘firing from the hip’ is far less effective than his…and being forced to do so means it’s that much easier for the automatic weapons guy to get a cheap kill on the sniper.

This is starting to drag on a little bit so let’s hurry and get to the next and final reason why the gas nades need to be nerfed.

  1. The overall damage of gas nades are too much:

First off, if you’re wondering how much damage they actually do ingame then the answer is 15 DPS. They do 15 damage per second.

Now that may not sound much, but that’s only if we isolate that damage level alone and don’t include other factors such as:

  • The time it takes to put on a gas mask oftentimes means death for those not at full health.
  • The ‘spraying-and-praying’ method of players with automatic weapons basically ensures that they will get a kill(s) due to players taking damage from not having a mask on fast enough.
  • The time it takes to put on a mask in the first place means that the spammer has a cheap window of opportunity wherein he can attack his target without fear of repercussions.

So ya!

There you have it.

The gas nades are simply too powerful…their damage level needs to be nerfed.

Now why don’t I hear some of you noob spammers and blind-shooters come up with clever counter arguments?

P.S. Check this out!


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