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Introduction to the Amazon Voice Products , The Echo, The Dot and The Tap

By Emily Dalrymple, Gaming News Daily Contributing Author

The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo can easily be mistaken for a Bluetooth speaker. While you can use it as one, there is more it can do than its appearance portrays.

The Echo is a personal digital assistant. And it’s powered by Alexa, which lives in the cloud and is maintained by Amazon. Alexa can read news, control smart devices, order products online, play music, and more.

Because Alexa lives in the cloud, she must stay connected to a Wi-Fi network. (If you were thinking of using a wired connection, you are out of luck.) And because the Echo does not have a battery, you must keep it plugged in at all times (very annoying when you want to move it around the house).

Alexa is always listening to a wake word, which is Alexa. And she springs to action the moment she hears her name.

The Echo has not been blessed with a lot of buttons. And this makes sense since it is meant to be operated by voice. At the top, you will find two buttons. The one with the mic is for muting the microphone. Press it and Alexa will go to sleep. The second button is the action button. Press this when you want to give Alexa a command without having to use the wake word.

Similarly at the peak are seven loudspeakers that are reserved. These can strike noise from every area. Also, they have excellent noise filters to enable them to hear a voice from across the room. Even when the Echo is playing music, these microphones will get your voice clearly.

The moment you turn your Echo on, you will immediately notice its bright light ring at the top. A blue light means the Echo is awake and you can talk to it. A cyan light will point in the direction the Echo believes your voice is coming from. If you see orange, your Echo is connecting to the internet. And if you see purple, know that it has encountered an error. When changing the volume, the light will turn white. And when you mute the mic, it will turn red.

Inside the Echo are a 2.5’’ woofer and a 2’’ tweeter. The sound from these speakers is obviously not that impressive. Still, it’s enough for casual music listening. And as far as talking with Alexa goes, it is simply awesome. With the volume turned all the way up, the Echo is uncomfortably loud. Below is the image of an amazon echo bo

download (25).jpg

Setting Up

The first thing to do after getting your Echo is to download the Alexa app onto your smartphone or tablet. While Alexa is smart, she still needs you to have access to a screen for setup and other things. The app works with fire OS, iOS, and Android. But you can also use a web alternative as long as you have access to a desktop browser.

Search for the app on Google Play, Apple App Store, or Amazon Appstore. Or else, visit http://alexa.amazon.com with your browser.

When you plug in your Echo for the first time, a small light will turn on next to where you insert the power cord. And the light ring at the top will first turn blue and then orange. Remember, orange means your Echo is ready to connect. If for some reason the light turns purple, hold down the Action button for 5 seconds and you will see the orange light again.

On your phone, go to Wi-Fi settings. You will find a network named Amazon-XXX. Connect to this network. Open the Alexa app, and you should land in configuration. But in case you do not, click the Menu Icon in the upper left corner and select Settings.

If you purchased the Echo using your Amazon account, you should see your name (Your name’s Echo). Select that. Otherwise, select “Set up a new device.”

Next, input your Amazon login details and agree to Alexa conditions. You will then be prompted to select a Wi-Fi network the Echo should use.

If everything went well, your Echo would be ready for use at this point. And it will tell you that it is connected. Try saying “Alexa, what’s the weather today?”
To assist depreciate Alexa girdling out directions to you, the initial step (before you even unwrap and plug that Alexa in) implies to seize the Amazon Echo app.

Momentarily, app-at-the-ready, ram in your Echo. The sign ring encompassing the tip will sparkle blue then shift to a revolving orange tone. This designates it is set to be figured out by your Wi-Fi details. If you juggle this pane, and it begins lamenting (and the collar shifts purple) check down the operation button (the switch opposite the voiceless key) for a few seconds till it changes to orange. If the Echo is extremely blatant for your convenience, move the tip of the speaker so as to reduce the volume.

After the Alexa is entirely controlled and in the orange set up mode, remove your smartphone over and start up the Wi-Fi perspectives. As multiple smart home stocks, the Echo needed you to ad-hoc attach immediately to it throughout the configuration method to enter configuration details.

Choose the Echo’s Wi-Fi link, which is a thing like “Amazon-55M” and pair to it. Next, and just then, should you start the Amazon Echo app to commence the setup. The app should leap right toward the installation method, however, if it doesn’t only touch on the list symbol (the three bands on the top left edge of the app) and choose Settings

In the Settings list you can pick up one of couple forms: if you bought the Alexa on your Amazon statement, hence it should state “[Your Title]’s Echo” and then you can choose that. But if you received the Alexa as a  present, acquired it, or didn’t individually buy it, you can choose “Configure new gadget.”

At this time, paired with the Echo’s ad-hoc interface and amidst the app up and operating, the remainder is smooth. Just enter your Amazon record login details, click on the Echo user requirements and then choose your Wi-Fi interface from the menu of systems Alexa can discover.

After inputting your details, you’re set to begin exercising your Alexa. Let’s have a survey at how to speak to Alexa.

Summoning Amazon Echo

Alexa is slated to reply to a “watchword” which, by want, is the title “Alexa.” (if someone or you  in your home is called Alexa, modify the slogan to “Amazon” in the settings list). Every time you pronounce the term “Alexa,” you’ll notice the light rim atop the Alexa turn blue and later prepare itself with the sharpest spike toward the origin of the noise. You can then match that up with either an inquiry or a command.

For instance, the very prime thing we produced after installing Alexa up was to examine “Alexa, how quick is an American Bolt?” to which Alexa readily informed us “The typical top swiftness of a bolt is 20 miles per every hour.” Unmistakably we’re excited about using high-level technology for the necessary stuff in life.

As we progress there is a single direction we require you to understand and have poor Pat: “Alexa, quit.” At any period, you’re failing to order the Echo to do a thing that points to a bunch of babble, music, or sound, and you’ll need a plan to calm things down. Soon as you understand how to fix the restraints on whatever noise you could unleash, let’s have a peek at all the entertaining stuff you can do with Amazon Echo right out of the case.

At this time your Echo is all configured, customized, and set for you to fiddle it. Once you imagine you’ve imagined of every probable command and skill to seek out with Alexa, we recommend requesting a friend over to play with it: you’ll be shocked at how instantly they’ll get something to challenge her.

Two other Alexa-enabled devices are just like the Echo: the Tap and the Dot.

The Tap

The Tap looks much like the Echo, except that it is smaller as it is 6.2 inches tall whereas the Echo is 9.25 inches tall. The Tap also comes with seven microphones. And it has a battery that’s rated to last for up to 9 hours. Unfortunately, Alexa does not respond to the wake word as on the Echo. Instead, you have to tap the mic button first and then speak your command.

The Dot

The Dot, which is only 1.6 inches tall, is for those who want to use their speakers with the Echo. Instead of large speakers, the Dot comes with a basic speaker that only suffices for hearing Alexa talk. But it offers you a chance to hook up an external speaker via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack. Both these features are unavailable on the Echo. Below is an image of an Amazon – Echo Dot

download (26).jpg

Everything else on the Dot is the same as it is on the Echo; for example, you have to keep it plug in at all times, and you can use the wake word to talk to Alexa.

In conclusion, the Amazon Echo is the wireless speaker that works with the Alexa App and IFTTT software, to make your life better. Its solid build not only makes it appealing to the eyes but allows it to be placed anywhere in your house, from you kitchen counter, to your tiny side table.
You can personalize the device to ensure that it fits your needs and allows you to explore the virtual world using only your voice. Imagine having a song stuck in your head all day, and after entering your house, all you have to do is say the name of the song, and you are enveloped in the enchanting, high-quality music.

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