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Overwatch – This is Why Genji’s Ult Doesn’t Make Any Sense, is Underpowered, and Needs to be Buffed

First off, let me just first begin by saying that all you Genji haters can leave and get out of here.

Ya ya we know that you hate Genji, and that you think that he’s the cheapest, most unfair character in the game.

And that if you know how to play him you can totally dominate every game and solo the other team/carry your own team on your backs…and blah blah blah…and so on and so forth..

We all know that you get destroyed by Genjis a lot and you think that’s unfair and you have 101 different reason why he needs to be nerfed and how his double jumping is too cheap, his wall climbing is too cheap, his ult is too cheap, his deflect is too cheap, his small size is too cheap because it makes it hard to hit him, his shuriken are too strong when doing headshots, his shuriken are too noob when doing secondary fire because they just shoot out and make it too easy to hit their targets, and ya I’m getting tired of listing out all the different ways that you people find to complain and whine and moan about Genji.

Besides, pretty much all of those arguments and then some are redundant and easily debatable.

But here’s what’s not debatable:

The fact that Genji’s ult can’t kill a D.Va outside of her mech is freakin’ demented!

Ya, there’s no possible way you can argue that a D.Va outside of her mech should be able to tank one of those strikes from his ult and survive it. No way unless you are clearly out of your mind and/or you just don’t want to admit it because you hate Genji and want him to be screwed over.

So ya, let’s get to the nitty gritty of it all:

  1. Genji’s ult is a futuristic katana imbued and possibly/probably powered by the spirit of a dragon…A DRAGON!!!

  • Genji’s katana is no ordinary katana. It’s a futuristic/hi-tech one. It’s pretty obvious…just look at it. It ‘glows’ green and the tsuka is clearly no ordinary tsuka. It’s not made of wood/natural materials…it’s obviously electronic and some sort of engineering in general. Bottom line is, that you put 2 and 2 together and you end up with the undeniable conclusion that it’s just simply better than an ordinary katana. Now that alone should mean that this sword should be able to 1-hit a D.Va outside of her mech.

(Although you can certainly argue that a normal katana…and not even one that would be all that exquisite of quality should also be able to 1-hit a D.Va outside of her mech. But let’s just leave this one for now as it’ll likely lead to pointless banter that will bog us down for nothing.)

  1. D.Va outside of her mech pretty much has no armor. In fact, she really has no protection at all.

  • Use common-sense here. It’s not some kind of super armor in skin-tight/yoga pants and tops look. It’s about as protective as real yoga pants are in real life. All of the ‘clothes’ and ‘apparel’ we see in Overwatch, both in-game and elsewhere, basically paint a picture that they are no different in terms of functionality than what we have today. Whatever differences there are, are largely cosmetic in nature and there is nothing that even remotely implies that a thin and skin-tight piece of spandex-like material could act as any sort of ‘armor’ per se. There’s also definitely nothing at all that would imply that D.Va’s ‘suit’ can stop a strike from Dragonblade/Ryujin No Ken/Ryu-Ighimonji or even ‘cushion’ it in the least.

  • Some of you maybe thinking that her being a military pilot should give her some extra durability because she’s like all military and like all tough and what not? Ya that doesn’t make any sense either. Physical strength and prowess doesn’t make a difference in whether or not you’re going to get chopped in half with what’s essentially a super sword. Not at all, there’s no basis for that argument whatsoever.

  • Genji should be able to easily swing his sword much faster.  So this part is where it starts to get a little more complex since I’m beginning to veer away from the subject of Genji vs. D.Va and more towards the idea that Genji is just simply not as strong as he should be. But let me tell you why you’d be wrong to think that his current rate of attacks while ulting is ‘satisfactory’, because it’s really not. Genji is a cyborg ninja after all right? And this fact would necessarily imply that he’s more physically capable than a ‘normal’ ninja, and part of that ‘physically superior’ part would include that he should be faster than his less-cybernetic counterparts. Both in running speed as well as something like attacking with a sword/swinging a sword/straight up punching people even. Yet, we see in-game that he swings his sword…well…about as fast as a 2-year old holding a stuffed teddy bear. Maybe even slower…now this doesn’t make any sense at all. You’d figure that a ninja would be faster than a ‘normal’ person, and that a cyborg ninja would be even faster than said ninja…yet you see that same cyborg ninja slower than that ‘normal’ person in the first place (normal person meaning normal adult male…not little kid). So ya, let Genji be faster.

But of course many of you are probably already thinking of ways to argue this out even though it’s perfectly solid logic.

I suspect that there’s a lot of thinking to yourselves that:

“Oh it’ll make the game unfair and unbalanced bros!”.

And my response to all of those would be a resoundingly simple:


Here’s why:

When we get to the ‘unfair/unbalanced’ thing. What we see is that it’s actually still really unbalanced for D.Va to have that kind of durability outside of her mech…look from a gameplay persperctive D.Va essentially has 2 lives actually! It’s a little unconventional, I’ll admit, but it’s the truth too. Her first ‘life’ is her mech…that’s how she’s supposed to be played as and what’s her strong suit. But here’s the thing, her mech has its very own health bar, and when it gets depleted instead of dying she ejects. Yes, that’s part of the game’s lore. Yes, that’s something that isn’t all that big of a deal. But that’s not what we’re discussing here!

We’re conversing about how when she does get out of her mech that her health is too much for a squishy little character like her. And again, it’s especially unfair to other players/characters, because while I only have access to 1 health bar and once that gets to 0 I die for good; she doesn’t have to worry about that. She can rest comfortably knowing that when her first health bar gets to 0 that she’ll simply get a second one and keep on trucking. It doesn’t matter that she’s less powerful and less ‘tanky’ than before…if that wasn’t the case then the game would be completely unfair, and nobody wants that! But again, the point here is that her second life is already leaning too close to the edge of unfairness, but her HP being enough to withstand a Genji ult strike definitely crosses over the line into ‘unbalanced’ territory.
Alright, I believed that I’ve actually presented my case here pretty strongly and successfully too.

Blizzard needs to either lower D.Va’s health outside of her mech or raise the damage-per-strike on Genji’s ult or increase the ‘attack speed’ of his ult.

It’s just really game-breaking and just simply stupid that he can’t finish off a D.Va outside of her mech like that due to all the factors mentioned above.

OK noobs!

Bring the hate now!

Rage about all us Genji mains some more!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below !

by Chris Wang

Gamer News Daily Contributing Author

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