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Overwatch – Here’s Why Symmetra is OP as FUARKKKKKKK Right Now (Pt. 1)

Is OP?

(the answer is “yes”)

OK so by now we’ve all seen, played with, and experience the pain/rage/pleasure of Symmetra’s changes to .

Now obviously the Symmetra mains are celebrating like it’s the next best thing since sliced bread. Ya well that’s because you guys suck at aiming and your guy does enough damage where even the noobest of the noobz can actually destroy pretty much anyone (up to and including the stronger tanks like D.Va and Roadhog, et. al), and kill them with not only ease but blaringly fast speed and time.

Take offense as much as you’d like, but it’s true. And you know it honestly. Which is why we’re going to start with the first reason why Symmetra is super OP right now and really needs to be nerfed, ASAP!

Her gun does wayyyyyyyy too much damage

So basically her ‘gun’ does 3 levels of damage: (1) 7.5 per hit, (2) 15 per hit, and (3) 30 per hit. Now a hit doesn’t mean 1 hit per second…it actually means…4 hits per second. Which means that in less than a second (0.75 to be exact) she’ll be doing 30 damage per hit.

This is obnoxious! Plain and simple. No 2 ways about it.

Now obviously, the very first thing that all the Symmetra mains and sympathizers are going to say is probably going to be something along the lines of…
“Oh no it’s not!”

And here’s my counter-argument: “Ummmmmm…YES IT IS!!!”

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And here’s why:

Because if you think about it, it means that within the very first second of ‘hitting’ (I use that term loosely by the way…for obvious reasons) she’s already done 82.5 damage.

Now let’s just add that by another second, and you realize that she’s done just barely enough damage to kill a decent range of the roster. It may be just barely enough but the key word here is enough, because it really doesn’t matter how much extra damage you do to a character. They’re already dead all the same.

So here you already see that within 2 seconds characters like Genji, Soldier 76, McCree, Hanzo, Torbjorn, Zenyatta, etc. are goners.

(I’m pretty positive that the only guy here who can survive that whole “first 2 seconds” of Symmetra’s gun is Reaper, and he’s not gonna last more than a literal split-second past that)

Look that’s really not a whole lot of time to kill someone. And more importantly, that’s not a lot of time for them to react to said damage.

But right about now I suspect that many of the Symmetra guys are going to come up with the whole:

“Oh but there’s other characters with higher potential damage output.”

Ok fine. I’ll give that to you.

It’s technically true that there are characters with higher damage.

But that’s really not a valid counter argument at all! And there’s a 2-parter reason for why.

But first let me mention that the technical amount of potential damage that those other characters just mentioned isn’t quite the same once you realize that they actually have to aim and hit their targets as opposed to just simply mindlessly holding down the trigger and auto-aiming/locking on/hitting their target. I’ll elaborate more on this point later on.

OK now let’s get to the meat of those counters I had for you Symmetra guys:

  1. Because those characters are supposed to have more damage!

They are attack/defense/DPS heroes for the most part right? And their job is obviously going to be as aggressive and as dangerous as possible right? To kill the enemy as fast as possible right?

Of course they are. Don’t be ridiculous.

So the fact that Symmetra doesn’t do their primary role as well as them is to be expected. If she did do more or even equal damage output as them; then the character(s) and even the very game itself would be completely unbalanced, broken, and simply not fun now wouldn’t it?


The whole point of a game like Overwatch is to have a cast and crew that’s appropriately balanced and properly supports, supplements, and otherwise ‘fits’ together as a single, whole unified force. That’s basic enough knowledge, and obviously having a ‘support’ character like Symmetra do the same or more damage than the DPS guys would be in direct opposition to the very foundation of the game.

So, obviously, you can see by now why screaming that there are more potentially damaging characters in the game is one of the most nonsensical things to say when faced with the accusation and truth that Symmetra’s damage output is too great.

Now here’s the second part:

  1. Because her gun takes absolutely no skill at all to ‘hit’ her targets.

I alluded to this earlier, but now I get to elaborate.

So one of the reasons why more damage output from other characters (who, as I just mentioned, are DPS guys and are supposed to do more damage) is unfair to compare to damage output from Symmetra is because their damage output is only potential damage output. It’s not actual damage output.

And here’s what I mean by that.

See, when you shoot at enemy targets in game with all those DPS/Attack/Defense heroes the shots you put out (otherwise known as your damage output) has to be aimed properly and to actually hit your target. Everybody knows that!

(Ya…don’t be like that guy…although I’m almost positive that this is fake…since it was on YouTube, and YouTube doesn’t allow content showing actual human deaths)

But what you might not realize is that this necessarily implies that you’re not always going to be doing the amount of damage that you could potentially be doing.

Let’s take Genji for an example.

(Ya, I frickin’ LOVE Genji. Ya so what? Ya I’m a Genji main. Ya I’m a Pro Genji Leet Noob PWNING PWNER…ya what? What? What now son?)

So Genji uses Shuriken as his primary weapon. His main attack tosses out 3 of them one at a time. They do a base damage of 28 per star, and if you do a headshot with all 3 then that means that you do a total of 168 damage. Assuming that all 3 hit the head that is.

That sounds like a lot, but it’s completely incomparable to the main attack of Symmetra with her gun because Genji has to actually use some pretty decent (actually sometimes it’s more like really good) marksmanship if he wants to get even 1 or 2 shots in…those Shuriken move at the pace of a slowly walking old man, and it’s incredibly easy to dodge them, miss with them, or to have a perfect shot lined up only for your target to move while your shuriken are in mid-flight.

(OK, OK…I swear one more and I’m done. OK? OK good! Also, I just want to mention that I STILL don’t think at all that an ultra-squishy character like a Tracer or a D.Va that’s outside of her mech!!! Should be able to tank a hit at all from a Genji Ulting sword…dude! Blizzard! Seriously…it’s a futuristic Katana powered by the soul/spirit/magic of a DRAGON for Chrissakes!!! Those 2 guys specifically should definitely NOT be able to take a hit at all from that thing. OK end rant, and possible idea for future article!)

Ya, Symmetra doesn’t have that same problem. Symmetra automatically hits her target. Symmetra doesn’t have to aim at all really. And you guys know it honestly.

(This ^ meme right here is very much relevant to our discussion here)

Soooooooooo…you got to admit (even you Symmetra empathizers and users out there) that her gun takes absolutely no skill whatsoever to hit her targets.

It automatically locks onto her targets pretty much no matter what.

Ya, that’s not skill.

That doesn’t take skill.

Because there’s no aiming involved at all, or anything even remotely related to marksmanship/shooting.

And here’s the part where you tell me that:

“Oh but her gun has like no range at all.”


And again, as before, that doesn’t matter.

Look range has nothing to do with skill as far as being a shooter and the skill of shooting in general goes. Because it still doesn’t affect whether or not the actual shooter has to any sort of aiming/marksmanship when it comes to Symmetra’s auto-locking gun.

The same problem that existed earlier still exists now.

Which is that pretty much any dumb noob can just simply hold down the trigger mindlessly, and so as long as their target is like even remotely near the general direction that their gun is pointed at…it’s going to ‘hit’ their target.

(LOL! Seriously?)

And more importantly…it’s going to do the same damage no matter where your ‘shots’ actually ‘hit’ the target.

So there’s actually even another cherry on top of the icing so-to-speak!

Because while the rest of the cast (well most of them anyway…looking at you Winston/Harambe/Monkey) not only has to actually aim in order to land a hit, but they also have to really concentrate and be very accurate and precise as well in order to land different locations of their hits that deal more or less damage.

Obviously, we all know that headshots do more than pretty much anything else, and that shots on the ‘outskirts’ of the target do less than ‘normal’ shots.

But Symmetra doesn’t have that same rule apply to her.

(Should be called…a…HUMILIATION HEADSHOT…I’m not that good with words)

Her gun not only automatically hits her targets for her, but they do the same damage afterwards. Thus, even further adding to the principle that she doesn’t need any skill at all to damage her opponents.

So right about now, I suspect that there’s still a few of you uber Symmetra mains that are still resisting the blatant truth of the facts presented to you.

Fine, I can deal with that. And I can also present even more reasons for why you’re still just plain wrong about it all.

To do so let’s rewind the clock here a little bit and go back to one of my previous points.

Remember how I mentioned that whole thing about how the game has to be balanced and how the characters have to complement one another in different roles and play styles and blah, blah, blah, and so on and so forth?

Well guess what?


(Yes, this again. It’s meta now)

So to elaborate we have to again re-examine the actual role of Symmetra herself, and just how exactly she fits into the game. Which is that she’s a support player.

Basically, she’s not supposed to be all that deadly with her gun or with her ability to damage and hurt the enemy team overall.

Making her gun do enough damage to kill a significant portion of the roster within 2 seconds is already obnoxious enough, but then making it so that her gun both automatically ‘hits’ her targets as well as doing the same amount of damage all across regardless of actual shot placement means that it truly is…that much more powerful than it should be.

Ya…we don’t need to add additional range to her gun.If we did, that would mean that she’s definitely qualified as both a support and a DPS role. And I don’t think that there’s really anyone out there who honestly believes that that should be the case. Well not anyone who’s in their right mind anyway.

(Ya know…I got to admit that I’ve actually always wondered how Nic Cage actually feels about all these memes pretty much making fun of him??? I mean…I think he’s still a decent actor…Hollywood’s just tossed him out on the streets is, big surprise there from that industry)


I’ve just proved to you all that Symmetra’s gun alone is already too OP for her character right now, and for the game in general.

(Ya…I’m definitely going to write something about those damn turrets, and how OP they are as well! To HAIL with those things man!)

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments!

Written by,

Chris Wang

Gamer News Daily Contributing Author

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