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Overwatch – Here’s Why Symmetra is OP as FUARKKKKKKK Right Now (Pt. 2)

If you missed the first installment, please see part 1 –> Here

Now, on to part 2;

I’m going to make this one a very simple one right now.

The second reason why Symmetra is OP right now (in addition to her annoying ‘gun’) is because of her turrets!

OK like seriously!

Those things are unbelievably OP right now!

First let’s talk about them a little bit. Here’s their stats and stuff:

  1. 25 DPS
  2. 10 meter range
  3. 1 HP
  4. -25% movement speed

Now by themselves they’re not much of a big deal, but once you realize that not only does their damage stack on top of one another but also that their speed freezing effect does as well that Symmetra’s turrets are really OP and unfair.

(Oh if you don’t believe me here’s the link where I got all that information from)

Here! Watch this…since it’s easier if I just show it to you instead:

Video Source:  Here


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        And for those of you who are too lazy to just watch the video let me explain what happened.

Basically, a Symmetra player puts down all 6 of her turrets in the beginning of the Dorado map when she’s on defense.

The enemy team doesn’t see them at first because of clever positioning on the Symmetra player’s side.

Several of them promptly get owned with no chance…including a Reinhardt.

Now I know that a lot of you Symmetra guys are going to be screaming and hollering that…

“Ya but it’s your fault for not knowing where the turrets are!!”

Sure it is our fault…technically.

But it kind of doesn’t matter because my point was actually geared more towards the fact that once you trigger the turrets they freeze you essentially and there’s no way to escape.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the turrets are unfair and OP because they freeze you too much!

I mean just think about it…the turrets each one of them does a -25% decrease in movement speed. Which means that 4 of them, just 4 of them will equal out to 100%…supposedly.

Now obviously they don’t actually stack up to 100% movement speed decrease because then you’d be literally stuck and can’t move at all! Unless there’s something I’m missing here of course regarding like base movement and motion in the game.

But either way whether they do 100% movement speed decrease is actually not the point here.

The point here is that it only takes 4 of them to more-or-less stop any given character from moving really. And what that means is that when 4 of them hit you, your only real choice is to destroy them or hope that they get destroyed by someone else. And that hopefully they get destroyed before you get merked by those damn things!

This is an unlikely scenario at best.

It’s unlikely because with just 4 of them they will take down pretty much most of the roster besides tanks and like Reaper, Mei, and Bastion (I’m not going to list out each character individually, there’s really no point right now because it won’t detract from my argument anyway) in 2 seconds only! Not to mention that those 3 characters will only take barely another split-second to take down as well.


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        So once you put 2 and 2 together you realize that most of those previously mentioned characters there will basically automatically die once they trigger 4 or more of those turrets. Because they won’t be able to move and escape, and because the short time it takes to kill them is so fast that the victims of the turrets are unlikely to react fast enough and with enough precision to take out the turrets in time.

Now if you’re really astute you’ll notice by now that there’s something else I’d like to pull out at this point against those turrets.

And that is that Symmetra can lay down 6 turrets.

So the scenario I described above with only 4 turrets is only a lesser version of how really OP they can get.

If only 4 turrets are already OP then surely 6 are even more so!

Let’s do the math here:

6 x 25 = 150…that’s 150 damage per second!

In order to get that additional 50 points of damage needed to take out almost all DPS characters those same 6 turrets only need…

50/150 = 0.33 of a second!

Oh and as for Reaper and Mei?

100/150 = 0.66 of a second.

And BastionI?

Just merely another second.

So all in all we have.

Characters with 200 HP (like most except tanks) will only survive 1.33 seconds.

Characters with 250 HP (Reaper and Mei here) will only survive 1.66 seconds.

Characters with 300 HP (OK really just Bastion) will only survive 2 seconds.

That’s not a lot of time.

Not that it matters since you can’t get away from the things anyway.

You’re left to hope that you can both react fast enough and to have enough accuracy to be able to take out those turrets within that very short timeframe of 1.33 seconds to 2 seconds or more but only if you managed to destroy enough turrets in the first place upon realizing that you walked into a Symmetra turret trap to escape.

Long story, short…Symmetra’s turrets are OP because they are basically an automatic kill once activated. And there’s nothing fair or balanced about a ‘technique’ that is essentially foolproof and guarantees a kill with pretty much no skill at all.

And that’s why Symmetra’s turrets need to be seriously nerfed!!!

Lastly, I just want to direct your attention to the fact that if you haven’t noticed by now; that Symmetra, as a character, is really just the ultimate noob’s dream because we have seen here that there’s not one but two ways in which she can essentially guarantee an auto kill of some kind with no real skill involved.

Her gun is an auto-hitter essentially, and now we see that her turrets are an auto-killer…ya, that’s pretty noob.

While everyone else is running around and actually aiming or dodging or having to plan their next moves Symmetra just sort of sits there and chills while getting a free kill and if she absolutely has to engage in combat…she can rest assured knowing that she doesn’t need to aim and fight fairly like most others.


Nerf this character!!!

Written by,

Chris Wang

Gamer News Daily Contributing Author

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